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Welcome Back!

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

I am back … thanks for staying tuned in during our commercial break, aka really long hiatus from blogging. I am starting to feel like my ranting writing is a bit like an NBC sitcom, you never know if or when it’s coming back … and what night and time you will find it. Things have gotten very bust since our last chat; well when I say “chat” I mean my rant, and you suffering through reading it. It would be a bit much to bring you up to speed on everything since my last post so I will just trickle and pour as I feel suitable.

I find that I waste way too much time on Facebook. Not that I mind catching up with old friends, colleagues and acquaintances on FB. No that’s the cool part, the mind suck timeless brain numbing games are so damn addictive. I swear off one and another comes along … and with my very short attention span I am hooked … and then four weeks later I have wasted 50 hours building some virtual widget in a fake world. I so had great ambitions in life other than raising faux-livestock. I am trying my best to swear off the senseless games. Of course that time being re-allocated to writing and ranting may not add any more value to the world, but at least my brain doesn’t turn to mush; however you the reader should be careful, mileage will vary on your take away.

If you are new to the Bucket-of-Milk blog welcome! There are many types of blogs out here in the cyber-sphere, some are educational, some are informative, and many have a focus target for the audience … this would not be one of those blogs. Instead this blog is a soapbox for storytelling and bantering one-way written verbal vomit as projected by yours truly.

So let’s get back to the Bucket-of-Milk before it spoils any further.

Off the Grid

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Off the Grid

Barn Burning 101

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Barn Burning 101

Fresh Start

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Fresh Start

Old Québec City Moulin à images

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
Moulin à images

Moulin à images

One of the most unbelievable scenes from my vacation this summer in Old Quebec City was the Moulin à images … which the English translation websites refer to as the Fabulous Image Mill.  Basically we were walking around enjoying a quiet evening along the St Lawrence, just having enjoyed an impromptu Cirque du Soleil show under the bridge of the freeway and on the way back to the hotel saw the biggest projected screen I’d ever seen. Well it turns out it indeed is according to Guinness Book of World Records the largest screen.

The Moulin à images are projected on the 81 huge, ancient grain silos of the Bunge Company in the harbor of Quebec City. The silos become a projection screen 100 feet high by 2,000 feet wide (over 3 football fields) with the great Saint Lawrence River as a backdrop. Officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest projection surface in the world, the collection of silos is the equivalent of 25 Imax screens, about a 1/3rd mile long.

The 40-minute show narrates Quebec’s history since its foundation by Samuel de Champlain, through the colonial period, covering the politics of the region, the importance of religion and the major role that it played, the successive periods of administration under France and then under England, technology advances and more… Four centuries of history from 1608 to the present day.

Sometime hard to follow at times, perhaps due to cultural barriers, the pure scale and imagery was epic.

Here are some links to additional information:

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The Image Mill

The Geek in the Reflecting Pool

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

My name is DJTECH, and I’m a computer geek. I realize it is a twelve step program to overcome my computer junky behavior. Step one is why I’m writing this, to recognize and accept that I have a problem. I don’t know if I will ever be cured of my technology addiction but there are twelve steps for Technologists Anonymous. That said my aspirations to join technologist anonymous didn’t really work out. Apparently my addiction to technology and the internet goes much deeper … perhaps an intervention and being sent to an isolated island is the only answer that will ever work.

I am fascinated by the World Wide Web, the social interaction and viral swarming that occurs in cyberspace.  I spent seven years working for one of the top PC security firms in the world, mostly diagnosing events caused or manipulated by social engineering. However that was the 1990’s … the internet was new, now the medium contains 10,000% more people (or subjects) than say 1997. The test bed and integration into our daily lives has factored beyond control … shit look how many people camped out for days for even a simple piece of technology that accesses the web like the iPhone. We truly have become an obsessive compulsive internet culture … me included.

I enjoy the randomness (yet not true anonymousness) of the internet, and the ability to virtually touch the lives of complete and utter strangers … the more the better. Sad but true, I live and thrive on internet traffic, the more visitors, page views, blog reads the better. I start my day everyday by generating WebTrends reports and analytical Google charts of all the people I touched the lives of. They have no idea who I am, and I have no idea who they are (other than perhaps an IP address) but it thrills me to know somehow on an alternate plane people find my content somewhat interesting (?) What does this all mean … who knows, but thru the little outlets of the internet people visit my zany world.

My cyber-addictions and paranoid anxieties are rooted very deeply in the DNA that makes me who I am today.  I spent seven of my early career development years in Silicon Valley. While I was one of the allegedly lucky ones who supposedly was in the “right place” at the “right time” I have the deep scars that a child actor gets when they grow up and realize the life around them is nothing like the shell that surrounded them during the developmental years.  Much like those child actors my sense of ethics, and right and wrong were swayed by less than wholesome individuals.

The computer industry as a whole has become multi-trillion dollar business since the early 1980s. Back then it was considered a phase or blip in the extended industrial revolution, nobody really anticipated that there in fact would be a complete technology revolution that would surpass the wealth generated by prior evolutions. Even my parents at the time just thought computers and the internet was a phase I was going through … and sometime I’d go back to school and get a real job. Well here is two decades later … no sign of the internet going away and we are an infatuated habitual internet culture.

Then there is the whole social networking aspect that takes place on the “information super-highway” (sorry old school name in case Al Gore was reading along) … MySpace, FaceBook, Digg,, Yahoo, Google. Millions of people are swarming, storming and norming an idea or concept building & sculpting a whole subculture. Now you can be aligned with hundreds of other people in the click of a button that share your fascination with afghan knitting, patch quilting or more devious desires like women who are into men with one testicle … whatever your warped mind craves, there is a group for you somewhere easily accessible via the tubes and wires we collectively call the internet.

So how deep does the rabbit hole go? Well honestly it seems each day the vast depths of cyberspace seem to expand faster than the universe after the big-bang, it’s really just a matter of how much time you have to explore every nook, cranny & corner of the immenseness.

So what’s next in this insanely unpredictable industry where a search engine company can be trading publicly at over $400 per share, yet old school search directories like the Yellow Pages and that other “Yellow Book” is lucky enough if people even open them.  With huge printing costs … you have to wonder is their really a point to printed telephone books anymore? … What a waste of natural resources. Perhaps the phone book companies will RIP with the photo-mats of the world, or at least the photo development companies that didn’t take a hint that digital photography is here to stay … adapt or die … it’s the technology survival of the fittest.

Reboot the Rant-Blog Franchise

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

What is Bucket-of-Milk? Where do you start a blog?

I have had various blogs in the past, ofter times having a seedy outlook on the world and internet around me. So Bucket-of-Milk is a re-imagined and re-digested regurgitation of random thoughts of DJTECH .:. Your Geek Next Door. Think of this blog as a reboot of the DJTECH franchise.

Perhaps since my first website in 1996, I’ve always had a fear of just putting it all out there for the world. You know all the issues and dirty laundry that you try and keep close rather than airing for the world to see. However blogs seem to have the overwhelming draw of being able to stand on you very own soap box and rant to the world whatever the f*ck you want to say. That’s right I dropped the F-bomb, which seems to be a common trait in many blogs that I enjoy. So hence if I am going to rant on my own soap box I will say anything I want without holding back or censorship. Isn’t that just one example of our American freedoms?

We are all grown ups right, we all experience life’s trials and tribulations. The Gen-X and Gen-Y generation don’t believe in old fashioned daily diaries, but instead modern day blogs. Sure you don’t share diaries with the world like blogs but with today’s weak privacy does it really matter anyway, whatever someone wants to find out about you there are at least three places willing to sell them everything about you anyway.

The other beauty of a blog is I can talk about whatever I want, when I want, and then tomorrow or next week rant about something else completely unrelated. What a great way to get over writers block. Today could be a story about the war in Iraq followed closely by a story of the agonizing Broccoli farmers in Kathmandu, or the plight of out of work carrier pigeons that used to carry our messages before the internet.

Heck if my blog can bring a smile or laughter to someone else who’s having an off day that is terrific. Perhaps someone else has had a similar screwed up experience similar to mine, after reading maybe they will realize they are not alone. My blog hopes to be an extension of me, whether anyone reads it, agrees with it or not it really doesn’t matter ….. after all it’s my soap box; Welcome to Bucket-of-Milk!

Welcome to Bucket-Of-Milk

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

What’s in a name? Why Bucket-Of-Milk?

Milk … it does a body good.

Milk is full of vitamins, and calcium.

You feed it to babies

You leave it for Santa

It gives you a faux mustache

Served in a bottle, in a glass, straight from the carton

A Bucket of Milk is… un-pasteurized … non-homogenized … full-fat

About Bucket-of-Milk:

What’s in a name? Why Bucket-Of-Milk? Well you see it is a double entendre , milk does a body good being rich in calcium and vitamins; however a bucket-of-milk insinuates it is directly from the utter. So straight from the utter it is still unpasteurized, non-homogenized, and is full of fat, much like the writings you will find here at Bucket-Of-Milk.

By the way my views and opinions herein from this point on are completely my own and do not express those of any other person, place, thing or company past, present or future (well future might be a stretch … everyone has a price).

Additionally I do not employ anyone to proof spelling, grammar or completion of thoughts. So if the writings suck you will either have to deal with it or move on to some equally ridiculous other location out there on the web.

Welcome and happy reading!