Welcome Back!

I am back … thanks for staying tuned in during our commercial break, aka really long hiatus from blogging. I am starting to feel like my ranting writing is a bit like an NBC sitcom, you never know if or when it’s coming back … and what night and time you will find it. Things have gotten very bust since our last chat; well when I say “chat” I mean my rant, and you suffering through reading it. It would be a bit much to bring you up to speed on everything since my last post so I will just trickle and pour as I feel suitable.

I find that I waste way too much time on Facebook. Not that I mind catching up with old friends, colleagues and acquaintances on FB. No that’s the cool part, the mind suck timeless brain numbing games are so damn addictive. I swear off one and another comes along … and with my very short attention span I am hooked … and then four weeks later I have wasted 50 hours building some virtual widget in a fake world. I so had great ambitions in life other than raising faux-livestock. I am trying my best to swear off the senseless games. Of course that time being re-allocated to writing and ranting may not add any more value to the world, but at least my brain doesn’t turn to mush; however you the reader should be careful, mileage will vary on your take away.

If you are new to the Bucket-of-Milk blog welcome! There are many types of blogs out here in the cyber-sphere, some are educational, some are informative, and many have a focus target for the audience … this would not be one of those blogs. Instead this blog is a soapbox for storytelling and bantering one-way written verbal vomit as projected by yours truly.

So let’s get back to the Bucket-of-Milk before it spoils any further.



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