Reboot the Rant-Blog Franchise

July 15th, 2010

What is Bucket-of-Milk? Where do you start a blog?

I have had various blogs in the past, ofter times having a seedy outlook on the world and internet around me. So Bucket-of-Milk is a re-imagined and re-digested regurgitation of random thoughts of DJTECH .:. Your Geek Next Door. Think of this blog as a reboot of the DJTECH franchise.

Perhaps since my first website in 1996, I’ve always had a fear of just putting it all out there for the world. You know all the issues and dirty laundry that you try and keep close rather than airing for the world to see. However blogs seem to have the overwhelming draw of being able to stand on you very own soap box and rant to the world whatever the f*ck you want to say. That’s right I dropped the F-bomb, which seems to be a common trait in many blogs that I enjoy. So hence if I am going to rant on my own soap box I will say anything I want without holding back or censorship. Isn’t that just one example of our American freedoms?

We are all grown ups right, we all experience life’s trials and tribulations. The Gen-X and Gen-Y generation don’t believe in old fashioned daily diaries, but instead modern day blogs. Sure you don’t share diaries with the world like blogs but with today’s weak privacy does it really matter anyway, whatever someone wants to find out about you there are at least three places willing to sell them everything about you anyway.

The other beauty of a blog is I can talk about whatever I want, when I want, and then tomorrow or next week rant about something else completely unrelated. What a great way to get over writers block. Today could be a story about the war in Iraq followed closely by a story of the agonizing Broccoli farmers in Kathmandu, or the plight of out of work carrier pigeons that used to carry our messages before the internet.

Heck if my blog can bring a smile or laughter to someone else who’s having an off day that is terrific. Perhaps someone else has had a similar screwed up experience similar to mine, after reading maybe they will realize they are not alone. My blog hopes to be an extension of me, whether anyone reads it, agrees with it or not it really doesn’t matter ….. after all it’s my soap box; Welcome to Bucket-of-Milk!

Holy Cow E.Coli

July 7th, 2010

I am no rocket scientist or FDA expert, but perhaps subsidizing the corn crop, feeding it to cattle (instead of grass grazing fed), then using the cow manure to fertilize food crops is not such a great idea. Sure it may qualify as “organic” but cows are NOT supposed to eat corn as the entire substance of their natural diet … it produces E.coli …. wake up America!

What got me started was yet another news article –>

FDA investigates E. coli at Ariz. lettuce Farm: Yuma grower may be source of outbreak

The problematic cycle begins with America’s sensational craving of beef products. There are many more people to feed than there were 30 years ago, and there are fewer open spaces for grazing than 30 years ago.  More honestly there is the greater need-for-speed-greed of getting cattle to market as soon as possible. When I was a child, cows had the cradle-to-slaughter life span of 4 or 5 years of grazing in the open grass pastures, kind of enjoying the casual life while plumping up.  Heck where do you think the phrase “sent out to pasture” came from.

Present day a huge portion of cattle, I won’t make up a percentage but I am sure it’s high, are born and bred within what I will call a “Food Factory”. They never get to go outside and graze the pasture … enjoying some nice greenery while chewing their cud.  Today’s “modernized farm” (bullshit) cow spends there entire existence inside, like be holed up in a prison, being fed a diet of corn and grain, with a side of antibiotics. The antibiotics are needed to both tolerate the unnatural diet and increase body mass at an accelerated pace.

In shortened life expectancy of present day Integrated Livestock-Crop Farming Systems, cattle are rushed to slaughter before even reaching their second birthday.  Meanwhile the acid-rich-toxic-bacteria-ecoli manure is quickly distributed to crop farming … aka lettuce etc. Typically manure is supposed to age for a period of xxx, however with shortened production windows caused by high consumer demand and longer living more resilient bacteria … we will continue to read headlines like above as we continue to poison our own food chain.

It is not just my opinion, below is just a glimpse of some additional reading on the topic. Remember – Beef it’s what’s for Dinner

The Food Revolution: What About Grass-fed Beef?

No E. Coli or Mad Cow Disease in Grass-Fed Beef
Years ago, we started fattening cattle on grain instead of grass. However, grain-fed cattle develop abnormally high stomach acidity, which allows for the development of acid-resistant E. coli. If E. coli gets into a human digestive system, it can wreak havoc on it.

Wikipedia: Cattle Feeding

“The issue is often complicated by the political interests and confusion between labels such as “free range“, “organic“, or “natural“. Cattle raised on a primarily forage diet are termed grass-fed or pasture-raised; for example meat or milk may be called grass-fed beef or pasture-raised dairy. However, the term “pasture-raised” can lead to confusion with the term “free range“, which does not describe exactly what the animals eat.”

Welcome to Bucket-Of-Milk

July 1st, 2010

What’s in a name? Why Bucket-Of-Milk?

Milk … it does a body good.

Milk is full of vitamins, and calcium.

You feed it to babies

You leave it for Santa

It gives you a faux mustache

Served in a bottle, in a glass, straight from the carton

A Bucket of Milk is… un-pasteurized … non-homogenized … full-fat

About Bucket-of-Milk:

What’s in a name? Why Bucket-Of-Milk? Well you see it is a double entendre , milk does a body good being rich in calcium and vitamins; however a bucket-of-milk insinuates it is directly from the utter. So straight from the utter it is still unpasteurized, non-homogenized, and is full of fat, much like the writings you will find here at Bucket-Of-Milk.

By the way my views and opinions herein from this point on are completely my own and do not express those of any other person, place, thing or company past, present or future (well future might be a stretch … everyone has a price).

Additionally I do not employ anyone to proof spelling, grammar or completion of thoughts. So if the writings suck you will either have to deal with it or move on to some equally ridiculous other location out there on the web.

Welcome and happy reading!